The Evergreen Program caters to your every social media need

The Evergreen Program is offered as a long term community management service where our team will integrate with yours to ensure the effective and ongoing management of all elements of your social media strategy.


The community management section of the Evergreen Program consists of the following:

Content & engagement planning

We provide proactive and strategic foresight to your brand’s editorial calendar to ensure that key messaging and frequency targets are achieved. This means we carefully plan out your content so that it gets the maximum reach every time.

Social posting

We utilize best practice posting tactics and frequency when it comes to your content. Part of our value proposition is to ensure you feel comfortable that your channels are being updated regularly with approved content and key messaging. 

Response management

One of the most important things to your business is the assurance that when people are talking about you, someone is listening and ready to reply. We utilize a very structured process when dealing with customer questions and complaints online to ensure your brand maintains its reputation and delivers high quality customer service.

Proactive engagement

We always seek out opportunities to engage in conversation with relevant online users around relevant topics. This helps give your brand a voice that will drive conversions without being overtly sales focused.

Data collection & analysis

Measurement of social media activity is key to success. It provides a gauge for how well content plans and engagement strategies are resonating with fans. We constantly adjust our social media programs in accordance with the insights we have gained from social analytics and data collection. Ultimately this helps us optimize your social media offering.

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