You've probably heard the phrase, ‘content is king,' but understanding its significance in modern marketing is another thing altogether! For those who might not be familiar with the term, content marketing is defined as a type of marketing which involves the creation and sharing of online material. Examples include, but are not limited to; videos, blogs, social media posts, and photography.

Take a minute to think about your audience and what they want. People don't generally want irrelevant messages or intrusive ad popups, but what they do want is high-quality, useful, and insightful content about things that matter to them. At the end of the day, content marketing isn't about your brand, products, or services but, your audience.

Ask yourself, how does your brand or service fit into their lives? Or even better, show them!

One of the many reasons why content marketing is so effective is that in comparison with traditional marketing, it doesn't look to promote a brand with overly ‘salesy' material, but instead stimulates interest by considering what is important to the audience. Think of your favourite company's Instagram for example, it's probably not all ‘BUY THIS' and ‘BUY THAT' but more a consistent flow of high-quality images that are carefully chosen, edited and curated for you. Likewise, content marketers must think like publishers, continually creating content that the viewer actually wants to see or read.

Social media is an excellent example of content marketing, as it allows brands to connect and engage with their audience on a personal level. By following trending hashtags and keywords on open networks such as Twitter and Instagram, brands can now get a better understanding of their audiences' likes and interests. As well as this, blogs and articles have been proven effective time and again as 70% of consumers prefer to learn about a product from an article rather than an ad, and 4x more would rather a video than an article.

Social media also allows brands to share images, videos, and written materials to audiences at no cost. In comparison with traditional marketing and compared to outbound tactics, content marketing costs 62% less but generates 3x as many leads.

Benefits for business?

Aside from the obvious cost saving, content marketing, if done correctly, is an excellent way of reaching consumers in a thoughtful, meaningful way. Increasing brand loyalty and future leads down the line.

If you own a restaurant, for example, consider using video or photography to show your culinary skills in action or customers enjoying your food, as this will be much more persuasive than just a standard ad, and probably less expensive! If you're in more of a thought-leadership role, consider taking part in Facebook or Instagram's live video function. This will allow you to connect with your audience on a whole new level, by answering questions and educating in real time. For any brand, by becoming a credible source that people can trust for up-to-date and informative news within your sector, you will see a significant increase in brand awareness, and consequently, your following of loyal consumers will increase too!

Final thought

Content marketing doesn't have to break the bank; in fact, it may even be cheaper than your current marketing techniques. Here at Online Presentz, we offer an extensive range of content creation services for business, as we know your digital marketing channel is the car and the content is the fuel that makes it go! Videos, photos, graphics, and articles allow you to tell your best brand stories and earn engagement. From ideation to completion, our expert team of content creators will build innovative and creative assets to be used across your digital platforms leading to higher reach, engagement and conversion potential.

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