Lifestyle content is taking the digital world by storm and has been for the last few years. If your social media is feeling a little stale, adding lifestyle content can be an excellent way to breathe life back into it. Lifestyle content can also help your audience feel more connected with your brand. In this blog, we'll discuss what exactly lifestyle content entails and how you can effectively integrate it into your marketing strategy.

First off, what exactly is "lifestyle" content?

‘By definition, lifestyle brands have a deep understanding of their target consumer’s way of life. They understand the type of experiences that they crave, as well as the people, places and things that motivate and inspires them.' – Forbes Magazine

Imagine this. You're scrolling through your Instagram feed, and you stop on an image of two well-dressed people sitting on a park bench, behind them is a stunning backdrop of autumnal foliage and in their hands a coffee. But not just any coffee, a Starbucks coffee. You think to yourself, wouldn't it be nice to go grab a hot drink from Starbucks and walk through a local park or take in the sights of fall? And there it is. The power of lifestyle content.


By showing your audience how they can use your product in a real-life setting, or, by inspiring them in some way, you're using lifestyle content effectively.

It's also important to think about your customer or brand voice, everything from your consumer's age to what they're interested in will be critical in how you use lifestyle content. With social media, the overall objective is to build a relationship with your audience so consider what your target market will want to see and tailor it to them.

The easiest way to integrate lifestyle content into your marketing strategy is to show ‘behind the scenes' imagery. By giving your audience an all-access pass to your organization, so to speak, you're allowing them to see the real personality behind the brand, even if it's just showing everyday activities that might seem boring to you! Using tools such as Instagram Stories or live video are another great way to share lifestyle content, as they allow for much more relaxed and "in the moment" content.



Are you a location-based business? By this we mean do you take pride in your location by including it in your brand persona? Think street style or inner-city fashion brands. If so, sharing information about your community can be a great way to use lifestyle content.

These kinds of posts do even better with the use of geotags and hashtags for more reach. By promoting your community, or getting them involved, you're showing your audience that you're proud of where you're from and what's happening around you.

It's important to think of lifestyle content as a break from the typical "hard-sell" of marketing and instead an aspirational, eye-catching piece of material. Either in the form of images or video, lifestyle content allows your followers to relate to the same things you do and doesn't require them to do you a favour. (Probably best to leave the call to action out for these ones)

Finally, at the heart of lifestyle content is humanity, whether it be connecting on an emotional level with heartfelt content or inspiring your followers to quit their jobs and travel the world. Finding the correct balance of lifestyle content and call to actions will be the catalyst you need to reach more fans, create stronger bonds and show off your brand's personality.

Here at OP, we have an experienced team of content creators who are ready to help your company become a lifestyle brand! For more information, visit our content services page and request a content audit from us on the house!

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