This week Instagram launched face filters in their camera, helping you make your boring selfies even more epic! It’s the latest in a run of copycat features that Instagram has launched, echoing Snapchat most loved characteristics.

Instagram filters are super easy to use even if you don’t have experience with Snapchat. Once you have updated the app, swipe right from your home feed to upload something to your Story. Here you will see a smiley face in the corner, just tap it and your filter options will appear! Have fun wiggling your nose and seeing the Koala move or tilting your head to slide the glasses down your nose.

There are not as many filter options on Instagram as you might hope, but their intention here is to bring more in the future and to provide options that are more mature and less silly. They want to attract the older audience that Snapchat seems to have missed out on.

It’s a little disappointing that this feature has a few errors, but it’s still in its infancy so we can probably forgive Instagram for not getting it 100% perfect first try. Initially the filters wouldn’t work for a few of us here in the OP office, or maybe I just wasn’t destined to wear a crown yesterday. When they are working, the filters don’t follow your face quite as well as Snapchat’s do and sometimes they disappear altogether.

Once we got them to work though it was all fun and games. You can choose from 8 filters including a butterfly crown, a peacock, a bunny and a lovely golden hue on the makeup filter...


The fun doesn’t stop there for Instagram! Other features they released this week include a mesmerizing rewind mode which you can find next to the “Boomerang” or “Hands-Free” options when you’re recording. Jumping into the pool will look so much cooler in reverse and the new eraser tool will take your artistic skills to a whole new level. You can even add a hashtag to your story to get bigger reach in the same way you were able to add the location.

Snapchat reported some disappointing earnings last week which resulted in their shares dropping by 25%. This new release from Instagram definitely won’t help with that so we will have to watch out for Snapchat’s comeback! They recently rolled out a trio of advertising focused updates to help boost their earnings. These updates are great for your business as they allow brands to get creative with geofilters and World Lenses. Read more about these here.

For some more instructions on how to access Instagram’s new features, check out their blog.


Photo credit - Instagram