So, you’ve taken the time to get a great shot, you’ve edited it to perfection, added a witty caption and posted it at the best possible time. People are liking it and sharing it – well done, you’ve nailed it. Right? Well, almost. Getting interactions on your post is only part of the challenge, you also want them to click through to your main page and like/follow it and maybe even take the next step and click through to your website.

To make sure this happens, give your channels a once over and check that they look good and are worth liking or following, otherwise you will lose people at the starting gate.

Here’s a quick checklist to help optimize your social profiles (or if you’re just starting out, you can use these tips for your social media profile setup too)!

  1. Just like with your posts, the cover image and profile image on your page need to be high quality, relevant and attractive. Try to use your brand logo in your profile photo so people can recognize you quickly and make sure it’s high quality and fits in the box. Use a great eye-catching image for the cover photo – maybe an offer or something seasonal. If your cover photo is poor quality you instantly give the impression that your brand is poor quality too.
  2. Check your info – is your bio short and easy to digest? Sum up your business in one sentence, but make it sound snappy and interesting so people want to learn more. Then check your other info like the link to your website, your address and contact numbers.
  3. Call to action – Do you have a call to action on your page? For Facebook and Instagram you can add buttons that prompt people to take an action – Message, View Website, Book a Table, Directions, Call....
  4. One for Instagram – scan through your profile as a whole, how does it look? If there are any old photos that don’t live up to standard just archive them and move on!
  5. Check how many people you are following on Instagram and Twitter – it gives a bad impression if you only have a few hundred followers, but your following list is in the thousands. Use a tool to unfollow people who aren’t following you back so the gap isn’t too crazy.

If you have personal social media profiles as well as your business pages, don’t forget to spend a bit of time optimizing them too. Hootsuite has some great tips for marketing through your personal profile on their blog...

“LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are the most commonly used platforms for social selling[...] However, don’t be afraid to go where your customers are. If your target audience frequents Snapchat or WeChat, make sure you’re represented there as well”