It’s always a challenge knowing which types of content will work and which won’t, but if you do it right it can be so rewarding. We created a strategy around our client’s February promotion and our post went viral which was pretty exciting!

Their promotion almost spoke for itself – selling 1¢ wings on a Wednesday couldn’t really go wrong! Our challenge was to create a strategy for the social media content that was well timed, eye catching and informative. We needed to let people know about the offer and also give them something share worthy so that their friends and their friends’ friends would find out about it.

We kicked things off with a like and share contest on Facebook with free wings at Hudsons for a year as the prize. We applied a small boost to the post, but the organic reach superseded this with over 1million organic reach and over 9,000 shares! Yep, we were blown away too.


Outside of the organic reach, our amplification strategy involved traditional Facebook and Instagram adverts as well as influencer marketing. This type of marketing is a great way to give your brand credibility and help out other businesses while you’re at it. We paired up with YYC Living, Edmonton Living, SaskatoonLiving, Date Night YYC and YEG for sponsored posts over social media– all brands that were highly relevant to our topic.

YYC and Edmonton Living ran great contests on their Instagram accounts where you had to follow both their account and Hudsons to win a gift card. SaskatoonLiving also ran a contest to ‘tag your wingman’ and follow both accounts to win. This tactic really helped kick up the Hudsons account, bringing the followers over 10k!

We also bumped up the hype around wing night by doing Facebook Live videos once a week at each of the Calgary Hudsons locations. This was a simple concept of following the staff around on wing night and engaging with the customers about their evening to get the people sat at home excited about wing Wednesdays.

Something great that we learned from this is that a well thought out strategy can take something extremely simple and make it huge!


Watch out for their St.Paddy’s day party coming up soon! Get on your best green outfit and enjoy green beer, Irish music and dancing!