We recently read an inspiring article that pretty much summed up our own views on social media and hit the nail on the head when it comes to content sharing. So we thought we’d share a few things that we took away from it – to help get you thinking about your own social media program!

1 – The age old question: “is social media for me?”

The simple answer is yes – but only if you’re going to commit to it. Social can be exactly what you make it. So no matter what your business is, chances are one of the social media outlets will help you reach your audience and get your brand’s voice out there. The key is making sure that if you are on social, you are on the right channels and you are doing them right.

In his article, Cole prompts you to actually think about why you are using specific social channels, rather than trying to be everywhere at once:

“It is astounding to me how casually people say things like "Guys, we need more Instagram followers," or "We need to be on Snapchat. Everybody is on Snapchat."

Why? Why do you need to be on Snapchat?”

Dig into which channels will work for you, for example, it’s no good being on every channel if your audience is only on Facebook. This will do more damage to your reputation than it will do good. Take the time to think about which channels will work best for you and your business, and do them well.

2 – Appearances matter

Social media is fast paced and wonderfully vein. People scroll down their news feeds faster than they can realistically read everything, so you need to make bold and eye catching posts. If you want someone to stop and read your content, give it value and a catchy heading. If you want someone to like your photograph or image, make it beautiful. You need to be able to add value to someone’s news feed; make them laugh, teach them something, give them a photograph they can’t take their eyes off.

3- #whatamidoing

Hashtags are your friends! They help you get your content recognized, so make sure you are using relevant tags and not overloading your posts so your content gets lost in a sea of hashtags - keep it classy. Don’t forget to keep an eye on trending hashtags and tap into them if they apply to you.

Take a read of Cole’s article for some more home truths about social media and content sharing - click here!


Image credit: Dreamstime