2016 has definitely kept us on our toes in terms of social media with huge trends like Live Video, Stories and new ways to message. So, what will 2017 bring us? Maybe more of the same by taking what we already have to the next level with new advances in technology and algorithms that make the future of social media so unpredictable and exciting.

Here are a few thoughts on some 2016 trends and where we think they will go in 2017:

Live Video

As predicted by most social media blogs, live video took over 2016 and made a huge impact on the way we use social networks. Zuckerberg said live sharing is “like having a TV camera in your pocket” when he launched the Facebook Live feature globally back in April, with users spending 3x longer watching live video compared to normal videos. It’s a new and exciting way to share video and really live in the moment with people and we can definitely see it being taken to new levels in 2017. As mentioned in our last blog, Instagram recently jumped on the live sharing band wagon and already have over 100 million users daily.

Live video will only get bigger and better in 2017 as it becomes more readily available and new ways to broadcast are revealed. Simple Measured asked some key players in the marketing world what their predictions for 2017 were and the general consensus is more video and more data. With fewer barriers to production, the experts are predicting that live video and 360 video will become big players on social media, especially for bigger brands.

Check out how quickly live video has grown this year on Facebook alone:

Virtual and Augmented Reality

We think that virtual reality will be taking the lead in 2017, maybe even as an extension of live video. Journalist Justin Lafferty says “after seeing the rise of Pokemon Go and Oculus Rift, my money is on VR and augmented reality being huge for big brands in 2017, with smaller/midsize brands taking advantage as the hardware becomes more affordable”.

Social media is becoming as much about having fun as it is about networking. Playing games like Pokemon Go and morphing your face into funny shapes with Snapchat filters are what people are most interested in. Snapchat have already got the ball rolling with their Spectacles that allow you to record first-person video and it is possible that this could go down the virtual or augmented reality path.

Targeting and Traffic

Industry experts are predicting that targeting will keep getting more precise and the development of algorithms and machine learning will develop even further in 2017. This will hopefully make advertising more cost effective because you will be able to narrow down your target audience to the people that really matter. This is huge news for brands and will also improve the experience for users as they will only see advertising content that is highly relevant to them.

Moves have already been made by Instagram and Facebook to change the way content is displayed in your feed. The move away from chronological timelines means we are going to have to work harder to create engaging content or it simply won’t get seen.


Image credit: http://www.forbes.com/