MR MIKES wanted to make a splash. A big one! The goal was to generate more awareness for their signature Caesar Cocktail through a stunt campaign. They requested our help getting through to Jimmy Kimmel on social media to ask him if he’d accept the “Caesar Challenge” and drink this Canadian Cocktail on Canada Day at his studio. Mission accepted and mission completed!


GOAL: Achieve brand awareness through the lead of trying to get through to Jimmy Kimmel and have him accept the challenge. 


1. Getting a well known celebrity to take notice, consider the task and then be willing to participate

2. Short timeframe (5 weeks)

3. Budget restrictions


1. Developed an integrated, franchise wide social media content and engagement plan

2. Quality control to ensure consistent messaging across 30+ franchise network

3. Strategic social listening and proactive Twitter engagement with Jimmy's network

4. Crowdsourced content development campaign

5. Targeted Facebook and Instagram advertising support



- 8,436 unique social media interactions

- Nearly 1 million people reached via digital advertising campaign

- Jimmy drank the Caesar!