Instagram is adding new features including live video and new ways to share moments.

It wasn’t too long ago that Instagram released an update to allow Stories as a new way of sharing daily posts and they are going full steam ahead with another update just a few months later. You will be able to post live videos so followers can live in the moment with you and once you’re done, the story will disappear from Instagram. A huge 100 million users are already using Instagram Stories daily, so we imagine the reception of live video will be equally as impressive. They have also added the ability to send private photos or videos that erase once they have been watched for a new way to chat in the Direct Message section.

Going Live

We are already familiar with the concept of live sharing thanks to Facebook, so this seems like a natural update for Instagram to have – if a little unoriginal. It takes the concept of social media to a whole new level by showing you what friends, celebrities and icons are doing right in the moment, rather than a few hours or days later. It’s a feature that Snapchat is yet to boast, putting Instagram one step ahead.

As with every feature on Instagram, once you have the update it’s very easy to start posting a live video. Simply swipe right from your home feed to open the camera and hit the ‘Start live Video’ button to start sharing. You are limited to an hour of video at a time and you can set it to notify your friends so they know when to tune in.

You can browse new live stories on Explore and you’ll see ‘Live’ written under the profile photo of your friends who are currently broadcasting.

The new way to Direct Message

The second part of their update lets you send private photos and videos that disappear after they have been viewed. So, it’s basically the same as Snapchat; you can share content without worrying about people holding onto it or reposting it. You can send the messages to individuals or to a group through the Direct Message part of Instagram and it will let you know once everyone has viewed it or if anyone has taken a screenshot.

Are we saying goodbye to Snapchat?

It looks like Instagram is just one filter based feature away from having everything that Snapchat has and more. Once Instagram introduces an update that lets you put fun filters on your videos (and we’re pretty sure they will soon) we won’t really have much use for Snapchat. No one wants to have multiple apps that all do the same thing and Instagram has more to offer with its original photo sharing and new live video capabilities. Snapchat needs to make a comeback by bringing us some new updates very soon if it wants to stay in the game!

That being said, Instagram could also do with some updates that are totally unique to the Instagram platform rather than always rehashing the features that we have already seen on Snapchat and Facebook.


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