Mr Mikes rewards deeds well done again this holiday season

By Alicja Gados

This holiday season we’d like to give a good shout out to one of our partners who is doing something important to promote community throughout the year. For the fourth year in a row, MR MIKES Steakhouse Casual is rewarding outstanding community members this holiday season.  

This local restaurant is rewarding people in the local community who have gone above and beyond to help an individual or a great cause. This selfless person has made a difference in their community, follows in the true spirit of what it means to be a community and deserves to be recognized. The concept works on nomination. So, they are relying on the nominations of their customers to find someone they would like to recognize.

How it works

Mr Mikes asks you to nominate someone in your community who deserves to be recognized for doing something truly unselfish and altruistic. For example, it could be a person that organizes a holiday food drive every year; someone who volunteers at a local animal shelter, or takes in stray animals and feeds them; or maybe it's your neighbour who always shovels the entire sidewalk on the street after it snows - not just their own. If you’ve never had time to give a proper thank you, this is your chance! We all know someone kind and thoughtful and Mr Mikes wants to hear from you and find out more, so that person can be recognized and rewarded. You can even send a photo along of the person doing their good deed to help inspire others.

Mr Mikes Deeds Well Done. Image from Mr. Mikes.

Mr Mikes Deeds Well Done. Image from Mr. Mikes.

They will be entered to win a gift card for Mr Mikes worth $100 and a $500 donation on their behalf to a local charity of their choice. There is one prize available for each of the 32 communities that Mr Mikes is located in. To thank people for a nomination, Mr Mikes will also give a $10 gift card valid at any restaurant.

The contest is valid throughout the holiday season and ends December 31, 2016.

In total, through the program, Mr Mikes will donate $16,000 to charities in 32 communities across Western Canada.  Aside from the contest, Mr Mikes is also a part of supporting local communities with good deeds including sponsoring holiday hampers and a warm clothing drive.

Can you think of anyone?  Consider nominating them here.

For some inspiration, here are some entries for this years prize.

“Rita and her daughter -Jennifer, collect bottles and cans from the local bars and restaurants and give the money to local families with children that have cancer to help with medical expenses. They have been doing this for several years, as anonymously as possible.”

“Gerry is the most kind hearted and joyful person I have had the pleasure to work with and to have as a friend. Always thinking of other people and trying to make everyone feel good. She works in health care and is very committed to her residents; one example is writing birthday signs for them and putting them on their doors the day of their birthday. She is joyful, loving...and let's not forget one of the best cooks around! She puts everyone else's needs before her own and deserves some credit! So cheers to Gerry!! :)”

“James works tirelessly to promote equality and social justice for everyone that he interacts with. He is both an educator and an advocate. Despite having physical health issues, he continues to carry the torch to reduce stigma and discrimination.”

Click here to check out some of last years winners. With 170 fantastic nominations last year, it was challenging to pick just 10 winners!

About the franchise

Mr Mikes is a steakhouse with a casual atmosphere. Established in 1960 with it’s first restaurant in Granville Street in Vancouver, they’ve grown over 30 locations in Canada and plan to open another 30 in the next three years.  The restaurant concept is casual, affordable and revolves around promoting the local community. 

Nominate someone

To find out more or to nominate someone go to the Deeds Well Done page and share your deeds well done stories with Mr Mikes on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Find them on @MrMikesOnline. Use the hashtag #deedswelldone.  To find out more go to the Mr Mikes site.

Also, be sure to check out the list of nominees and don’t forget to vote for your favourite good deed doer! 

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