You know how the old saying goes, “Content is king!”, a bit of a cliche these days and definitely a buzz term that may have exceeded it’s shelf life, but while the phrase is a little worn out the simple fact remains… without good content, building engaged communities online is going to be tough… unless of course your name is Justin Bieber.

I have pondered the answer to the question many times, “What makes content good?” If you have a good idea, why don’t you skip the rest of this post now and share a few thoughts with me below then come back and read the rest… I’ll wait!

In my pursuit of determining what makes for good content I found my way upon a tasty little acronym that not only defines what makes for effective brand content but also conveniently spells out “Good’s” big brother, “GREAT.” Jim Collins would be so happy (cheeky reference to one of my favourite reads, “Good to Great” by Jim Collins).

As a brand, you need to acquire and deliver G.R.E.A.T content

G: Genuine

With transparency, you must aim to portray the personalities and motivations of the organization, while showing empathy amongst the members of the community all the while remaining open and honest in your tact.

R: Relevant

Based on the demographics and psychographics of your brand’s social media community along with your brand objectives, you need to deliver content that meets both sets of needs both in topic and in time.

E: Educational

Your community members want value from being a part of your social networks. One way to give it to them is by way of information and education. Use this as a way to showcase your understanding of the industry, your products, services and most importantly your followers’ needs.

A: Attention-grabbing (It’s a word, look it up!)

Time is precious these days and content can come at you in all directions, shapes and sizes. If your content is dull you risk having it fall upon deaf ears so stand out, use creative wording, timing and context. Don’t just share content for the sake of doing so, try to spark a reaction or conversation. Surprise people!

T: Tactical

Why are you distributing this particular piece of content? Just ask the question and this one ought to work it’s self out. Even better, ask this ahead of time, “What kind of content should I seek to share in order to support brand objective x,y,z.”

In your pursuit of providing GREAT content always remember to test, test, test then learn, then try again, then test and try again. When you think you have it, repeat that pattern. Communities grow and evolve, so too must your content strategy.

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