Recently, the amazing region of Los Cabos and it’s beautiful people were devastated by Hurricane Odile.  We had to leave in the aftermath because of limited food, water, no electricity and the threat of possible violence. We will be returning as soon as we are able. We want to be prepared with the supplies and money to help people who are in need (which are many).

If you have the means and are willing, myself and all of us at OnlinePresentz would be tremendously grateful if you could donate to this cause. My wife and I along with two friends will be travelling back as soon as the airport opens. The money will go directly to the people or the supplies they are in need of.  We will post a follow up blog outlining where your donations went and how they helped. If you have any other thoughts or ideas on where the funds should go, please leave a comment or contact me personally.

Please check out this video to see some of the damage. Special thanks to Mike Arce for capturing these unforgettable visuals.

Thanks in advance!